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The Secret world Gravity quest walkthrough.*** NOTE: There are spoilers, this is a walkthough. If you want to figure out the puzzles for yourself please don't read more or watch this video ***For this quest you will need to go on a wild goose chase all over the park looking for 4 plans and 2 pieces of glass (providing you haven't picked them up already). You will also need the monocle you got from the previous quest where you fought the Bogeyman.Start:You need to figure out the hidden message in the will. The will is located on the front passenger side seat near Nicholas if you haven't already picked it up. 1. Use the monocle to read the will and a hidden message will appear.This is more or less a message from his father to him giving you a clue as to where you can find the first plan. *The clue is the Henderson Farm. 2. Go to the shack (Henderson Farm) sort of near Nicholas and outside the fence. Inside you will find a sack cloth scarecrow named Blackchaff. Kill him and pick up the page on the ground.*Use the monocle again and look at the page you just picked up. It will show you where you need to go next... or ignore this and read on.3. Go to the bumper cars next (the side closest to the Ferris Wheel). On the outside of the bumper cars cage is Plan 2. *Once you have the page go to the Ferris Wheel platform and (if you haven't already done so) pick up a red piece of glass from the ground. *Use your crafting window to put the monocle and the red lens you just picked up to create the red monocle*Use the monocle and look at the page you just picked up4. Go to the concession stands near the Octotron where you will find the third plan. * Once you have picked up the plan turn around and pick up the blue glass.* Take the red monocle apart using your crafting window and craft a new one with the blue lens.* Look at the new page that gives you a new graph of where you'll be going.5. Go to the backside of the roller coaster & pick up the new plans* Take the monocle apart again and this time put both the blue & red lense in to make a purple monocle.* Look at the final page6. Go to the shack in middle of the park, but outside the fence. The Purple circuit on the ground should guide you to it.* Go to the side of the shack and use the monocle. You should see a purple icon show up on the side of the building* Click the bottom circle of the icon (that was where I found it the easiest to click anyway) and create the circuit.7. You now need to complete the circuit by clicking the colors in the correct order.* The order is:*Purple*Blue*Red*Yellow8. Congratulations you have finished the quest Gravity.

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