Добавлено: Jul 16, 2012

От: Elle Fowler

Продолжительность: 9:49

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skkgabzzE Сказал:

Aug 6, 2012 - i really like your nail polish color(: if you have a collection, could you maybe do a nail polish collection video?

jennxxoxx Сказал:

Sep 1, 2012 - my comment was spammed ?

Lexi Silver Сказал:

Aug 7, 2012 - If the hair youŗe wearing in this video isn't the "How To: Beachy Summer Waves" then PLEASE PLEASE do a tutorial!!!! YOU LOOK SOOO PRETTY :)

followerofChrist157 Сказал:

Aug 3, 2012 - never mind.. lol

Daisee H Сказал:

Sep 25, 2012 - I bought the bigger Chi and my dog chewed the bottle up and spilled the product everywhere! I was soo mad.

MakeupByGlitter Сказал:

Aug 3, 2012 - I LOVE U!!

mohammad naji Сказал:

Aug 6, 2012 - On my iPhone

Y and H love ms swan Сказал:

Jul 31, 2012 - WHat are the secret words for? :)

laur asch Сказал:

Sep 5, 2012 - i agree.

TinkaLittleFaith Сказал:

Jul 31, 2012 - I really need to try some of that Chi and now I want to try that perfume, lol!

Wakeup-And-Makeup Сказал:

Sep 1, 2012 - Hahahaha. I have the heat protection spray. Always telling my husband when I use it so he doesn't think I've been cheating on him. Def smells like a man.

Jade Strother Сказал:

Aug 16, 2012 - oh ok

cupcake1941 Сказал:

Aug 20, 2012 - i think pinecone is cute

Brookelyn Сказал:

Aug 8, 2013 - My all time favorite video of yours I watch this one all the time I think it's so cute and girls and I don't even have those products

olivialagunx Сказал:

Aug 3, 2012 - there was only one right?

georgiesbeautyworld Сказал:

Aug 6, 2012 - hair tutorial please!!

Taylor Mariee Сказал:

Sep 6, 2012 - :)

alelee25 Сказал:

Sep 1, 2012 - thumbs up if you've been watching all her video's again to make sure you didn't missed any secret words.

Daisy Kaur Сказал:

Sep 1, 2012 - Yeah but i unspammed it! lol!

rachelhan00 Сказал:

Sep 1, 2012 - i''l get the chi :)

elfluvr Сказал:

Sep 5, 2012 - I bought the large size of the CHI Silk Infusion for $9.99 from Costco a couple years back.

luenaiya Сказал:

Oct 2, 2013 - I sometimes purchase (or receive) a high end mascara. After the mascara has finished or dried up I clean and try to sterilize it and then just use some cheapo drugstore brand mascara like NYC as the old mascara's "new" ink. I know it's not the most hygienic but it surprisingly still works like the old mascara. Done this with my old Lancome one. Has anyone else tried this?

Yorquidia Soto Сказал:

Sep 6, 2012 - we share many fav products

CarolineMary46 Сказал:

Sep 8, 2012 - halfbaked + gunmetal with a little sin at the inner third is super pretty.

LovePINKchickas Сказал:

Aug 3, 2012 - Pinecone is there something stuck in your eyeball too? Hahaha

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